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"The Flight" DVD
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"The Flight" DVD
"The Flight" DVD "The Flight" DVD
"The Flight" DVD
Item#: the-flight

Product Description
The Flight, a short film written, directed and produced by Al Croseri
8 minutes duration.

The Flight is an homage to the bravery of homing pigeons who saved thousands of lives in combat in the Great World Wars. Their achievements embodied the attributes of service, endurance, loyalty and supreme courage. Here, their memory is evoked by two present-day homing pigeons silently taking flight from the windows of a New York City apartment. The film dissolves to a forgotten past as we relive their ancestors' selfless heroism.

Join them in The Flight, slow down, think, and remember.

NTSC DVD Video All Regions (North America, Europe, South Africa, Japan, Far East, Latin America, Australia, Africa, India, Russia & China)

Each DVD is professionally authored & replicated in the highest quality and packaged in a full color cover, shrink wrapped Amaray case. Made in USA. ALL FILMS/DVD SALES ARE FINAL AND NOT RETURNABLE ONCE OPENED.

The Flight is in the collections of the Yankee Air Museum, Michigan, USA, American Air Museum, Imperial War Museum Duxford, UK; Imperial War Museum London, UK and the U.S. Army Communications-Electronics Museum, Fort Monmouth, NJ, USA.

The Flight is recommended by Cornell Lab of Ornithology's Project Pigeon Watch.


"The Flight--a lovely tribute to the often-overlooked winged heroes of conflicts past." Mayor Michael Bloomberg, City Of New York.

"This is demonstrably a moving and informative compilation, with a fascinating mixture of historic still photographs and movie clips mixed in with your modern New York footage. I am pleased to confirm that The Flight will now be held in the American Air Museum information support collection, and made available to interested researchers upon request." Peter Murton, Research and Interpretation Officer, Imperial War Museum Duxford, UK.

"Alessandro Croseri's moving Flight is a brief video homage to one aspect of that cultural history, the role that Rock Pigeons have played in war. Combining historic stills with beautiful images of pigeons flying free over New York City, The Flight reminds us that homing pigeons, by carrying messages and even taking photographs with cameras strapped to their iridescent-feathered necks, saved lives and won battles in the First and Second World Wars. The film does without narration, relying on a somber but appealing sound track and the juxtaposition of images to carry its message. Particularly memorable is the morphing of pigeon wingbeats into artillery fire, and the visual fade of a flock of birds into a squadron of bombers......Al Croseri is to be congratulated on an effective and moving piece of film-making, and anyone interested in birds and their place in human history is encouraged to watch this film. It will change the way you think about pigeons." Dr. Rick Wright, Managing Director of "Wings", Former Editor of "Winging It", an American Birding Association publication and owner of "Aimophila Adventures".